Beepy Bella is created by Isabella Lalonde, who is an designer residing in NYC.

Romanticizing about living in a quaint mushroom house in Swiss Alps surrounded by a glistening, freshwater lake and budding, fragrant flowers, Isabella brings her fantasies of an ethereal safe haven into her art practice. By embracing the magical, Isabella aims to disassociate herself from conventional life and live in the bliss of her fantasy.






Our beads are sourced sustainably. I use freshwater pearls and lots of vintage charms. Most of our silver charms are 925 and from before the 2000’s. On my own time, I like to hand make glass beads with leftover glass shards. Majority of my mushroom beads are hand made. If you have any metal allergies or concerns, please contact me!

photo by Sabrina Santiago, 2019

photo by Sabrina Santiago, 2019